Crown of Dust

Session #2

Rumble down in penis town

After last session, our hero Cauldrons has been taken captive by the Shadarkai hunting party. They took Cauldrons to their town while sending a wraith after Quinn and Ziir’Luh, which the pair defeat.
Cauldrons is chained to stakes in the center of town and brutally beaten and demeaned even as he acts kindly towards his captors. The entire town mocks and defiles him.

Meanwhile, Vig, having been ported into the shadowfell quite a distance away from the rest of the party, had been taken captive and is forced to fight in a gladiatorial pit for the amusement of the Shadarkai and their leader. Doing well against all contenders over the course of two days, he becomes a favorite and is looked upon favorably by Shadarkai Steve, who runs the fighting pit.

Quinn and Ziir’Luh, having defeated the wraith, set off after the hunting party in hopes of rescuing Cauldrons. They’re able to track them easily and find their way to the outskirts of the Shadarkai town as Cauldrons is taken down from his stake and brought into the cave that holds the gladatorial pit.

Cauldrons is given his equipment as he is taken down to the gate of the pit. As the gate opens, Cauldrons recognizes Vig and lets off a warning shot in an attempt to show Vig who he is. Vig charges in and reigns in his weight at the last moment, making the hit look real but not damaging Cauldrons. Vig says in a low voice ‘Take a fall’ to which Cauldrons replies ‘Hit me’. Cauldrons fires a few lances of light past Vig’s shoulder in an attempt to make their combat look real. Vig leans in and slams Cauldrons on the ground. Vig lays into Cauldrons, at first with his axe, then with his hands, but only does enough damage to make it seem like he is dealing death to Cauldrons. At last, Cauldrons goes limp and Vig stands and roars in victory at the crowd.

While this is going on, Quinn and Ziir’Luh use the Shadarkai cloaks that they had got from their previous encounters with other Shadarkai, and attempt to sneak into the town with another Shadarkai hunting party that was returning. As everyone in town is excited about the games going on in the pit, the pair easily slips into town and heads into the cave. Seeing Vig in the pit, Ziir’Luh sends him a telepathic message, letting him know they were there and asking what they should do. Vig asks them to prepare to leave and meet them near the ramp.

Shadarkai Steve opens the gates and his minions move forward to haul Cauldron’s corpse away. As they drag him past the gate and up the ramp, Vig charges Shardakai Steve, killing the minions and downing Shadarkai Steve easily.

Running up the ramp, Cauldrons and Vig engage the two guards with Quinn, while Ziir’Luh runs out to free the vikings chained to the same poles that Cauldrons was chained to. They go to work arming themselves and firing the camp. Cauldrons then vows to take 100 Shadarkai heads as a show of the wrath of fire to the un-repentent and vile Shadarkai. He will slaughter the village, but first the group must escape and tend to their wounds.

Ziir’Luh and the vikings have set fire to the village and taken out the guards in the tower gate, letting our heros escape.

On the run and being tracked, our heros, along with their 4 new viking friends decide to set an ambush to try and get the Shadarkai off their trail and discourage them from following. Placing the Shadarkai head on a javelin and staking it in the ground, the heroes take to hiding places in the trees. When the 5 Shadarkai following them see the head, they cautiously spread out, preventing the ambush from working well. In the end the Shadarkai still met their end and their heads were taken. 3 of the Vikings lost their lives in the fighting but the one that survived valiantly decided to stick with the heroes.

Realizing that there were likely more following them, the heroes decide to move forward and set the same ambush. This time, better prepared and with a modified plan, they trap the Shadarkai and cut them down. The last Viking loses his life in a blaze of glory, but all 6 Shadarkai lose their heads in retaliation.

From here, our heroes decide what to do next…



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