Crown of Dust

Session #3 - On to Denieth!

Stirring after a rest (escaping and setting ambushes is hard work!) our heroes set out to Denieth to meet up with Kundarak.

On the way there at a crossroads they come upon a group of about 10 undead escorting 20 chained human slaves. They decide to try jumping them from behind once they’ve passed onto the forest trail leading off from the crossroads. Half the undead stayed to fight the adventurers while the other half continued on. However our heroes sliced through them quickly enough to catch up with the other half. Each protaganist played their role to a tee allowing for the group to dispatch all the undead with minimal harm to themselves or the slaves. The slaves are freed from their shackles and 2 went home while 18 joined Cauldrons’ cult.

Most of the group is not interested in supporting these hangers on, but Cauldrons manages to scrap up enough provision to keep them alive while the group continues to Denieth. Once outside the village Cauldrons and his minions set up a camp while the remainder of the group heads in to the village to the Merchant House.

In the Merchant House there are three barkeeps; Nyth (halfing!!!), Lanoor (Elf), & Indel (human). Food and drink is procured while they wait for Kundarak. When Kundark shows up he is not in the best of moods, primarily due to the “army” camped outside the village. The topics of portals and the “half book” are broached and he insists there’s nothing he can do to help us. He suggests we talk to Jubal Ngo, owner of What The Pho? in Gloomwright. He also “invites” the group to spend some of their gold in town.

Kundarak also notes that the way to Gloomwright is fraught with danger. The mists can transport one to the Domain Of Dread. The marsh is terribly dangerous, so much so that one should take a barge through it if one wishes to live. And finally he notes that Vistani Gypsies “steal children”.



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