Crown of Dust

Session #1 Plane Hopping

Enter the Shadowfell

We return to our heroes falling ala Dr Who through time and space, landing in a dark old growth pine forest at dusk.

Environment: 50 degrees, Perpetual Dusk, Old growth pine trees surround. The smell is dank, mildewy , lighting makes everything seem washed out and blah (Light sources are half effective range). A real sense of doom and gloom pervades everyone within minutes.

  • Donv, Ziir’luh, And Joe come out of the portal. No Alex. After a bit of searching around a fresh trail is found. The party sets out in pursuit of the Foulspawn they followed to this place and the book they are supposed to recover.
  • A two hour pursuit leads to a river valley with one of the foulspawn on the other side looking quite dead.
  • Upon inspection a battle ensues with 3 Shadar’Kai chain warriors and a gloomblade. The gloomblade escapes into the woods when things turn in the players favor.
  • A short distance away a road is found, and an Inn straight out of medieval germany “The Inn of the Last Hope”. A rousing evening of revealry is had with the Proprietress Sasha, her assistant Kelvin The Dwarf, and the Inns current occupants a group of Vikings led by one Erik The Red.
  • After a nights rest, and a pointer towards the nearest town the group sets out for “Deneith” a small settlement two days travel to the north. Kundarak the Fixer is the contact Sasha has sent them towards.
  • A thunderstorm slows progress, and after only traveling a quarter of the distance to Deneith the part takes refuge in a small cave built into a bluff face.
  • Durring the second watch the party is beset by more Shadar’Kai, the gloomblade from before leading, only this time he has brought more force and a Mad Wraith to even the score. A surprise attack leaves the party defenseless. As Joe surrenders we leave the party with Ziir’luh and Donv running into the woods the Mad Wraith following close behind, and Joe being escorted away towards an uncertain future.



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