Crown of Dust

What Came Before

This is a place holder for all the things that came during levels 1-7. Edit it and add any recollections you have. Please tag your recollections in some way so we know who is talking, nobody delete anyone else’s recollections. I will go through and summarize from time to time.


Joe’s Recollections

I’m writing these out and adding to them as I recall details.

-Start of the campaign

We were all part of a caravan, traveling in a large wheelhouse along with cargo when we were hit by unseen forces in the middle of a sandstorm. Disabled and without transportation, we huddled down, waited out the storm, and then made our way towards Tyr (with two children in tow).

-House Shom

-Hidden Face (the first shard of the crown of dust)

-Trouble in Kled

-Travel to (some town I can’t remember the name of right now)

-Recover half of a book from cultists in a tomb or underground dungeon

-Go through portal

/Joe’s Recollections



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